Ingrid Endel is a photographer based in Australia with 12 years of dance training. After reoccurring knee injuries, she decided to put dance on hold and in 2009, turned to photography as a creative outlet. 

Her photography is strongly influenced by dance and movement, the connection between humans and their surroundings, and storytelling. Ingrid creates scenes of imaginary worlds in which the human body is key to unlocking the story. Self portraiture has enabled Ingrid to use her skills as a dancer to extend the boundaries of human expression by merging the worlds of dance and photography. 


2013: Creatives Rising. New York. Group exhibit.

2013: The Story of the Creative. New York. Group exhibit.

2012: "A Glimpse at Photo Vogue 101 Photographers/101 Pictures". Milan, Italy. Group exhibit.


2013: "The Selected" See.Me Top Finalist.

2013: Grand Prix de la Decouverte. Juror Award of Merit (People/Portrait).


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